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sculpted by vivid turquoise lagoons, mountainous landscapes and colorful marine wildlife.
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     The life of the land is the life of the people.

French Polynesia is made up of 118 islands covering a vast area of the southeastern Pacific Ocean, divided among five archipelagoes: the volcanic Society Islands, also called the islands under the wind (in the west) and the wind islands (in the east), with the well known island of Tahiti, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Gambier Islands, the Marquesas Islands, and the coral Tubuai Islands (Austral Islands).

Most resort hotels are built on their own tiny island, or motu, and visits elsewhere must be arranged by boat transfer. But despite of modern influences the Polynesians preserve the essential elements of their culture and in particular their language.

The natural beauty of those islands truly makes this one of the most romantic destinations in this world.
With its volcanic peaks, pristine white beaches and diverse marine life, the activities here are endless ; snorkel with sharks, stingrays and humpback whales, tan on stunning white powdery beaches, visit the main village of Vaitape and shop at the local boutiques, go for a guided hike on Mount Pahia or Mount Otemanu or on a Jeep Safari tour.

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     Authentic Experiences in tahiti

Located in the Pacific Ocean, The Islands of Tahiti are a mythical destination. The mention of Tahiti calls to mind visions of an idyllic island paradise and once you visit, you'll discover that your imagination isn't too off the mark.

Conrad bora bora nui

Luxurious award-winning resort nestled in a private cove on Motu To’opua, where villas float on turquoise seas and views of indigo horizons are as endless as the bright blue sky.

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